Development of Poor Society [DOPS]

DOPS organization is in working with Dalit,indigenous and Bihari camp communities on a priority basis


Poverty-free society where community people including differently enable people, men, women, and children are lives happily.




To carry out promotional activities like financial support service through micro-credit, training, environmental development, agriculture, safe water supply and sanitation, mother and child health care, HIV/AIDS, empowerment of women and so on, those can attain improved socio-economic status of the community people, particularly the backward, downtrodden, women and men, and differently able people.




To improve the overall socio-economic status of the poor and ultra poor men, women and children through implementing development programs considering the rural perspectives and development context



Objective of the organization:


  • Poverty reduction of the poor, ultra poor and marginal
  • To involve the poor, ultra poor and deprive people with of development
  • Providing education, Health Service to the orphan, workers and tortured children and increasing their efficiency and rehabilitate them in the
  • To establish human right and improve socio-economic status of the poor and ultra
  • To decrease the difference between the rich and poor at a reasonable
  • Establishing equal right of women in terms of empowerment and parity in living
  • Preservation and development of History, culture and
  • To take appropriate initiative to ensure preservation of rights. security of the minority and backward communities.
  • To provide supports on primary health care, safe delivery/safe maternity. Health care and nutrition service for the children and family planning for the poor and others people in the
  • Help government in implementation of development
  • Provide supports to the like-minded NGOS and public organization for poverty
  • Formation of efficient and devoted workers
  • Help develop awareness about prevention of deadly disease HIV/AIDS, STD, tuberculosis and other
  • To provide knowledge on disaster management and how to face
  • With the approval of the concern authority setting up training center, energy center and communication development with donor